Our discussion forum is available where guests, residents and owners can conduct a variety of extensive group conversations over a lengthy period of time regarding topics of their own choosing. Each reply added to an existing topic extends the thread of messages related to the topic which remains available for others to read at any time in the future.  (Note: Postings deemed by the moderator to be either inappropriate or under the incorrect section may be deleted or moved.)

There are currently two top-level categories:

  • Guests & Non-Residents

  • Residents & Owners

The first is open and accessible to all; the second is restricted to registered users. Only residents, owners and others with an established connection to Ocean Parks may register and view or participate in the restricted section. Non-residents may also register as "guest" users so that their names can appear in the messages posted in the open section. Non-registered guest users are limited to viewing just the open category. Within each category are several sections, called "Boards". (Board is shortened from Bulletin Board.)

The Guests & Non-Residents category has three sections:

  • Announcements

  • General Discussion

  • Realtor Information

The Residents & Owners category has nine sections, some with sub-sections:

  • Announcements

  • Activities for Residents

  • Areas of Concern

    • TV Service

  • Chit-Chat

  • Classifieds

  • General Appearance & Upkeep

    • Buildings

    • Landscaping

  • Management Notices

  • Pipeline Feedback

  • Suggestions for the Board of Directors

Additional categories and sections can easily be added in the future.

Initially, upon entry to the forum, you sign up by clicking on "register". Please enter a username, e-mail address and a password and check the "I agree" checkbox. After clicking the "Register" button, the system will automatically notify the administrator of your registration request. If the administrator recognizes your e-mail address, he or she will activate your account immediately and notify you by e-mail. Otherwise he or she will request your Ocean Parks condo unit number along with your full name and telephone number by e-mail. As this validation process cannot be easily automated, it may take a day or so for you to be authorized and notified.

On subsequent visits to the Discussion Forum, please enter your username and password into the designated entry fields and click on the "Login" button.

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