Ocean Parks issues each resident a "Rules" handbook developed over the years to establish a basis of mutual cooperation and harmonious atmosphere in our community, as well as restating some areas of our "Declaration of Condominium".

From time to time, these are updated and made available to our residents. They are aimed at assuring the safety, care and cleanliness of our premises, for securing the comfort, welfare and convenience of all occupants, and maintaining the value of our property.

Several of the often asked questions about our rules are listed below in brief form. Please see the complete handbook for all the rules and complete descriptions. The 2017 version of the Rules handbook can be downloaded here (PDF).

Owners may have one pet per Unit. Lessees may not have a pet. Only a dog, a cat or a caged bird are permitted. The pet may not weigh more than 25 pounds when fully mature. Service dogs are exempt.

A guest is limited to stay of 30 consecutive days in any 12 month period. When the owner is not in residence, guests are limited to immediate family members only, such as: Parents, Grandparents, Sons, Daughters, Grandsons, Granddaughters, Brothers and Sisters.

Approved occupancies shall be for a period of not less than six months and one day, nor longer than twelve months. One year leases have to be renewed and approved by the Board each year. No one other than the approved lessee(s) shall reside in the unit during the term of the lease.

Boats, boat trailers, house trailers, go carts, motorcycles, pick-up trucks, tractors, trailers, jeep-like and commercial vehicles, buses, mini buses, campers, and motor homes are considered Prohibited Vehicles, and are not allowed to be parked, placed or stored on the Premises. A pick-up truck or similar vehicle having any size flat bed area without seats, whether covered or not, is deemed to be a pick-up truck for the purpose of this rule.

Changes or additions to buildings or Units, walks, or exterior areas of buildings or Units may require approval BEFORE any work can begin.

Residents of Units above the first floor must install floor coverings that suppress noise. Installation of tile, wood or composition flooring must follow the Procedure entitled "Requirements for Installation of Hard-surface Flooring" (PDF).